What are your most deeply held values, unique talents and motivational preferences? Complete the interactive assessments and review your personal reports.
Select assessments based on your needs or go through them in this order
Job Satisfiers / Dissatisfiers Inventory
Does your job fulfill you?
Identify what you like and don't like.
Discover your job essentials
Career Themes Discovery
What were your early career images of yourself?
Uncover and reflect on core themes
Accomplishments & Competencies Workout
What are your significant accomplishments?
What are your key competencies?
Are you a specialist or generalist?

Identify your accomplishments and core competencies

Workstyle & Preferences Profile
Why do you work better in some environments than others?
What motivates and demotivates you the most?
What are your workstyle attributes?

Understand your workstyle, trouble-spots and how to manage

Strengths Assessment
What are your skills, areas for development, skills to avoid?
Learn what skills to develop, leverage and avoid
Motivational Type Identifier
What are your major motivators?
What are the behavioural implications?
Discover your strengths and best/ worst roles
Values Assessor
What are your most important values?
Are they being satisfied in your work or personal life?

Identify your most important values

Reality Testing Assessment
How accurate is your assessment based on feedback from people you respect?

Follow the do's and don'ts to get feedback

Career Portfolio Assets Summary
What are your key strengths, needs and values now that you've put it all together? What is your ideal work and   how does it match with your current work?


Reflect. Distill your key findings. Make a plan to get more of what you want