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What Next?

Find the work that’s right for you

Dr. Barbara Moses

This new edition of Dr. Barbara Moses' bestselling What Next? has been revised and updated to reflect the latest trends in the Canadian career marketplace. This user-friendly guide is for anyone searching for work satisfaction, balance, and career success in today's demanding workplace. Combining in-depth self-assessment tools with insightful and caring advice, "What Next?" is a comprehensive, practical handbook with information on resume writing, networking techniques, and searching and applying for jobs from "Canada's Career Guru".

What does work mean to you?

WHAT NEXT? is your personal coach to self discovery. Reveal your authentic self and gain a deeper understanding of what motivates you in your quest for fulfilling and meaningful work.

WHAT NEXT? is the ultimate career resource for every stage of your working life: starting out, searching for your unique path, moving ahead, re-evaluating priorities, considering flexible work arrangements, shifting careers, or evaluating later career options.

WHAT NEXT? resonates with the tough realities of what you face at work today - both the challenges and opportunities. Dr. Barbara Moses has worked with thousands of people of all ages and from every type of work. She has learned what people struggle with, what causes them to derail, and what they need to rise above the frenetic busyness and make successful career and life choices.


Your journey to work that matters.

A comprehensive career bible, WHAT NEXT? features self-assessment tools, diagnostic instruments, quizzes, guided exercises, easy-to-follow samples, models, and savvy career advice. Its age and career stage targeted advice will enable you to:

  • discover your unique talents, values, and motivational type
  • find your fit in ten industry sectors and roles within those sectors
  • identify your best work and work configuration from self-employment to part-time and all points in between
  • find, pitch yourself for, and create great work
  • overcome career challenges such as burn-out, boredom, and lack of passion
  • restore balance in your life
  • become a career activist and express your authentic self in your work
  • apply twelve new strategies for career success

More than one million people have completed Barbara Moses' internationally acclaimed career management programs. Moses reveals the secrets behind that success in WHAT NEXT?, an inspiring, insightful, and intelligent work that provides caring advice that works. Beautifully designed, the book motivates and guides you through the process of revealing your unique talents and translating those features into work that matters to you.

Managers, career coaches, and human resource professionals will find fresh ideas and information on attracting, retaining and developing new workers, including:

  • developing and rewarding people based on their motivational type
  • designing work environments and cultures that meet the needs of today’s worker
  • coaching bored, stressed or burned-out individuals
  • understanding the skill and attitude requirements for success in different roles and functions
  • making work/life balance work for individuals, types of work, and in the culture
  • inspiring individuals to become career activists

What Next? is published by DK Publishing.
ISBN: 978-1-55363-105-7 * Retail price: $28.00 Canada * 336 pages

Praise for What Next? by Barbara Moses, Ph.D.

from readers, career professionals, and the press

"Whether you are just starting out and are looking for that first job to start you on your career path or you are considering changing careers in order to find a more fulfilling work environment, I can highly recommend What Next? Barbara Moses gives you the power to find your dream job in a contemporary employment landscape. This has to be the most exciting book on employment I've ever encountered."
-- The Rebecca

"In her latest book, What Next?, Barbara Moses Ph.D. provides the mentoring and coaching necessary to help people learn to live authentically and turn their dreams into reality. No other book on the market can provide individuals with the awareness, options, skills, and understanding necessary to deal with the bewildering array of challenges and opportunities in today's shifting work world. A virtual bible of resources, this book is not only of value to individuals at various stages of work life, but is a powerful resource for coaches, mentors, human resources personnel, and others who are in a position to influence the career development of their clients, colleagues and co-workers. It's likely that buying two copies will be necessary."
--Rey A. Carr, Ph.D., Peer Resources, Navigation Tools for the Heart, Mind and Soul

"This is a career book that I, as a professional career counselor, will feel comfortable giving to a client and trusting that he can use it without having to call a career professional."
--Richard L. Knowdell, Executive Director, Career Planning & Adult Development Network

"Best career book to date . . . I've been in career advising for 5 years, and have seen a lot of career books--and this is, by far, the best one I've ever seen. It encourages insights through very effective exercises and covers everything from self-assessment to interviewing to successfully managing life on the job. AND, it's a beautiful book--quality, thick, pages with lots of full-color pictures and details--that comes at a VERY wonderful price. I happily left the bookstore with my book, and haven't been able to put it down since."
--Heather Shire, Career Counsellor

"Barbara Moses takes you by the hand and shows you how to identify the work you are uniquely suited for. Addresses all the significant types of career challenges and crises. Inspiring, insightful and compassionate."
--Jeff Davidson, international management consultant and executive coach

Barbara offers the most practical and long-term relevant career counsel I've seen in published form. Provides infinitely practical counsel and usable tools not just for a one time career crisis but for a long term plan."
--Helen Bozinovski , VP Human Resources, Heart and Stroke Foundation

"Within today's changing workplace, the one constant is peoples search for work that is meaningful and fulfilling. In this must-read book, Moses distills her years of research and experience into a clear and comprehensive guidebook for anyone to follow, regardless of their career situation."
--Margaret Wente, Globe & Mail columnist

"What Next? is well-organized, user-friendly, and earns kudos from me because it builds on accepted practice in the career management field and offers a respectful and contemporary slant....Engaging and probing; it leads to a useful culmination of ones key motivators, areas of potential conflict, and personal values. Dr. Moses offers an excellent analysis of contemporary organizational culture, followed by several chapters that challenge the reader to honestly assess their suitability for different employment situations. What Next? is a book that I recommend to motivated clients and to career professionals who believe they've read it all. Dr. Moses has set the bar quite high - until I publish, I'll recommend What Next? "
--Karen P. Katz, Senior Career Consultant, JEVS Philadelphia

"Read this book whether you are starting out, seeking work/life balance, considering self-employment, or looking for work. Discover your special path through incredible diagnostic instruments and the personality and work profiles."
--Cindy Dachuk, career / life coach

". . . the most comprehensive and practical self-help books for both the beginner and experienced job seeker. Barbara Moses offers simple, logical techniques that are applicable not only to the job search, but are key to defining one's career goals. This all-in-one guide takes the confusion out of taking charge of your career."
--Susan Montgomery, VP Human Resources, National Post

"Few can match the content of this book. Covers all areas to help you take charge of your career. Besides the content and messages, what separates it from the rest of the crowd is the presentation. The tools are so important brings the theory to life."
--John Hox, V.P. Human Resources, NY

A combination virtual career counselor and workbook, has struck such a chord among today's working folks that it's slated to be published in fifteen languages.
-- Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun

"Career guru and author Barbara Moses has written a comprehensive book that is a unique combination of book and workbook - Insightful - in a class of its own. Its based on two key principles: express your authentic self and become a career activist."
--Fiona McNair, Edmonton Journal

"What Next provides savvy advice for gaining a deeper understanding of what motivates you in your quest for fulfilling and meaningful work."
--Marshall Brown, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives Newsletter

"Guru's guide to taking control & a helpful book that spans every career stage from beginning to retirement and because it's so comprehensive you'll want to read it carefully to absorb the vast amount of information Moses has rolled into it."
--Montreal Gazette

"WOW!! Your new book is fabulous. The layout, graphics, paper stock, color and the whole feel of the book is ultra-appealing. It is visually pleasurable to read (that is hugely important to me when I'm reading non-fiction)."
--Crystal Daniel, The Lung Association

"What Next? starts with a fundamental question most of us face or should face at some point in our career, and skillfully and practically guides the reader through the various steps in finding out what it is they really want and how to get it."
--Harvey Schachter, Globe and Mail

"I have read What Next and it is fantastic! I've been working on the exercises in the book on a regular basis and recommending it to friends and family! I love the layout of each chapter -- the graphics on the page and the "This chapter shows you how to:" draw me right in. And the sidebars work extremely well. Your book, in short, is absolutely compelling!!"
--Kathleen Wollenberg, Senior Career Consultant, Toombs KWA

"If you or someone you know is starting out, at a career crossroads, considering options such as self-employment, grappling with burn out or lack of balance, or struggling with later career issues, this is the definitive resource."
--Stephen Friedman Ph.D., Partners in Learning & Development

"Characterized by an arresting combination of plain speech and keen intelligence, the advice is immediately useful and blessedly clean of the slogans and jargon that litter the usual and banal self-help books."
--Caroleen Norsky, In the Hills magazine

"A wonderful blend of thought provoking trends for the future, practical assessments and tools for the reader and it is esthetically stunning in layout and design. What Next is more like a work of art than a book. A great buy and definitely a keepsake."
--Laurie Hillis, career coach, California

"Whether you have just recently started your career, or have been in the workforce for several years and are now considering a change, there is something in this book for you. A bright, colorful and inviting look at career success and career fulfillment, What Next? contains a wealth of information. Each section is color coded for easy reference and contains a variety of related topics and themes. This book is a powerful resource for anyone who is enthusiastic about the multi-faceted world of career exploration, job satisfaction, and personal and professional success. What Next? is definitely a must-have for anyone interested in exploring career decision making and uncovering their true career direction"
-- Amber Taverner, Contact Point Career Counseling Journal

"It is clear why she is considered a world authority on career management."
--Ruth Kemp, GlaxoSmithKline

"Provides infinitely practical counsel and usable tools - not just for a one time career crisis but for a long term plan."
--Karen Wright, Chatelaine magazine work/life columnist and career coach

"Give this book to every student who is thinking about their future."
--Christine Barwell, HR Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"What Next is one of the fullest guides I've encountered. Truly valuable to anyone in the workplace & handled with the kind of compassion that made Moses' first two books so popular."
--A reader from Princeton, New Jersey

"I just finished reading or better working myself through your new book. What it did to me? Got a clear understanding on what my competencies are, what I want to do professionally and what to take action on. Thanks!"
--Kay Lechleitner, Austria

"What Next? is the best career advice book yet. I am 41 years old and for some time I have had many career questions. Your book has helped me understand my motivations and what is important in my work life."
--Karen Lee Charlebois, Canada

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