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Career Intelligence:

The 12 New Rules For Work And Life Success
Dr. Barbara Moses

This Important Book Shows You & Your Organization How to Prosper in a Transformed Workplace

In Career Intelligence -- hailed as this year's most important business book -- Dr. Barbara Moses shows people how to position themselves to thrive in a work world governed by a completely new set of rules.

Dr. Moses is North America's leading career management consultant. Her acclaimed CAREER PLANNING WORKBOOK is a "corporate best-seller", completed by close to a million people in more than 2000 organizations worldwide. In Career Intelligence she presents new strategies for mastering the challenges of the new workplace. The book is a must-read for everyone thinking about their own future, their organization's, or that of their children.

  • The most important trends affecting your work and personal future.
  • How different generations (boomers, Gen-Xers etc. ) are experiencing the new work place.
  • Are we working ourselves to death? -- the cult of busyness.
  • Balancing work and personal life -- where do you draw the line?
  • Welcome to "TempWorld" -- the shape of work to come.
  • How to become a career activist -- 12 new rules for career success.
  • How managers and organizations can promote career resilience
  • How to career-proof your children.

Career Intelligence is available in bookstores across North America, as well as from on-line booksellers.

Praise For Dr. Barbara Moses and Career Intelligence

"Moses, a Canadian career guru, hits every sinister note in the new world of work - including the end of the "job". But just as you're about to hurl yourself over the cubicle wall, she offers a truly useful guide to career activism. " Fast Company magazine, October 1998

"... an exceptionally insightful professional looks at the complex dynamics of the new exployment contract with rare clarity." Izzy Sharp, President and C.E.O., Four Seasons * Regent Hotels

"... informed... timely... full of practical insights on how organizations can secure their future and, at the same time, meet the needs of the different demographic groups." Dr. David Foot, best-selling author of Boom, Bust & Echo

"Profound insight . . . Read this book if you want to succeed in your career or lead an organization." Michelle Gerber, Coopers & Lybrand

"A must read for my clients! ... new ways of thinking, practical techniques, and tips for 'career proofing' your children." Jane Hutcheson, Hay Management Consultants

As Featured In The Media

"Career Intelligence" has featured in newspapers and magazines including the Globe and Mail, the Los Angeles Times, the Toronto Star, Business Quarterly and Fast Company. Dr. Moses has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows across North America, including New York Today, CNN, CITY-TV and Canada-AM. Look for a profile of Dr. Moses in the January 1999 issue of Fast Company.