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The Good News About Careers:

How You'll Be Working In The Next Decade
Dr. Barbara Moses

Yes, it's tough out there in the workforce. People are still digging out after the massive storm of downsizing, mergers, and redefinition of roles that swept through companies big and small during the `90s.

But the sun is rising over the battered career landscape. According to Barbara Moses, North America’s top career management consultant and writer, there is some very good news about careers today:

  • the new workplace is offering greater flexibility to meet the individual needs of workers
  • workers are able to bring their "authentic self" to work, instead of donning a drab, gray corporate identity and suppressing their unique personality the moment they walk in the office door
  • the sky is the limit in creating work that combines different skills and interests;
  • the new worker is inventing creative strategies to thrive in a workplace on fast forward
  • the "new employment contract" can be tailored to the needs of individuals and their families.

The Good News About Careers is resonant with knowledge about what really is happening in careers today. Moses goes beyond the buzzwords and describes how you can be more effective in communicating in a frenetic world; how to make the most of your opportunities to network; how to prepare yourself for an increasingly uncertain future; how to choose work that you will enjoy and at which you are likely to be successful; and perhaps most important, how to manage our harried, over-committed lives.

Some of the questions answered in The Good News About Careers include:

  • what type of new worker are you
  • what motivates the new worker
  • how everyone can profit from future work trends
  • who will be more successful in the future -- introverts or extroverts?
  • what 20-somethings need to know about work and careers
  • how to respond to the intergenerational values clash in the workplace
  • how 40-somethings bosses can engage young staff
  • how parents can career-proof their children.

And Moses takes a hard look at the most pressing challenge facing people today -- how to achieve meaning and harmony in work and life, and ensure future employability, while managing the complexities of modern life.

The New Manager

Moses also has important news for the new manager and for organizations preparing for the future. She shows how they can respond to today’s critical challenges: motivating and retaining the new worker; promoting coaching and mentoring; facilitating career self-management and resilience; and designing "life-friendly" workplaces.

The Good News About Careers


Foreword by Jane Hutcheson, Hay Associates


Part one -- The New Workplace

The Cult of Busyness

The New Obsession with Work

Living and Working in TempWorld

On Being a Player

What We Didn’t Do On Vacation

Why The Grass Isn’t Greener

Part two - The New Worker

The Search for Authenticity

What Kind of New Worker Are You?

Career-Defining Moments

Who Will Win? Introverts vs Extroverts

20-Something Career Angst

"Hey 40-Something -- I’m Talking To You!"

"Hey 20-Something -- I’m Talking To You!"

"Hey 20-Something/40-Something -- Shut Up Already!"

What 20-Something's Ask About Work and Careers

How to Career-Proof Your Children

Part three - The New Manager

The New Employment Contract Comes Home to Roost

Ten Strategies for Managing the New Worker

Old worker vs New worker

The Coaching Boom

The Manager as Career Coach

Mentors Show The Way

How to Give People A Belief in The Future

Part four - A New Set of Skills

Become A Career Activism

On Selling Yourself

The Right and Wrong Ways to Network

Communicating On Fast Forward

"Don’t Take This Personally, But . . ."

The Politics of Bad Fit

Recession-Proofing Your Career