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Creating Your Authentic Career:

Audio Book
Dr. Barbara Moses

"The challenge facing all of us is to be our authentic self at work, to bring our entire personality to work, to not be forced to repress important aspects of who we are, what we value, what we care about."
Barbara Moses Ph.D.

Do you want find the work that you were really meant to do? If so, teaches Dr. Barbara Moses, it's time for you to become a "career activist." Knowing your unique gifts and passions -- and how to find a place for them in any economy or job market -- is your key to a lifetime of success and sanity. On "Creating Your Authentic Career," this nationally acclaimed career guru ("Fast Company," NPR, the "Today Show") teaches you:

  • How to identify your real (and often neglected) talents and bring them to our rapidly changing marketplace
  • How to find the people who've been looking for someone exactly like you -- and start working with them
  • How to thrive in your career without sacrificing your personal life
  • How to ensure your employability and stay in charge of your destiny, now and in the years ahead

If you've been working longer hours than ever, wanting a career that brings you greater fulfillment and meaning at the end of the day, and just need some expert guidance, here's the savvy, real-world course you need to begin "Creating Your Authentic Career."